Pea Shoots Microgreens


4 ounces of freshly cut pea shoots. We grow in organic material with untreated seeds from Mumm's Sprouting Seeds. Cut on the day you buy them these shoots are good added to salad, sandwiches, stir fry or on there own to capitalize on there fresh and delicate pea flavour. Microgreens feature additional nutritional quality that has not yet been used to grow the plant.

  • How to prepare greens

    In order for the shoots to stay fresh as long as possible they have not been washed. Please wash your greens just prior to using by running under cool water. 

    We make every effort to provide the shoots in a clean condition but you may sometimes find a bit of the seed attached. Just remove and enjoy.

  • Availability

    We plant pea shoots twice a week. They are available at the store or local delivery ( Prescott, ON) from Thursday to Saturday.  

    Pre orders are welcomed!  As they become available we will add to our inventory. First come first served.

    No shipping at this time. In larger quantities (restaurants) we will deliver up to one hour from our store. Call for information.

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